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Principal’s Desk

Education has always demanded transformation and evolution to meet the evolving needs of mortals in this world. I strongly believe that the concept to be taught to the children remains largely constant. What changes regularly is the mindset of the Millennium as they grow and evolve every day. At GD GPS Darbhanga, we believe in developing Global citizens. We start this education by educating them about the Civic roles and regulations. We train them and educate them about the Civic rules and regulations.

As I walked down the corridors of GD GPS Darbhanga, the sounds of students and teachers emanate and arouse a sense of Responsibility in me towards these millennia who are burgeoning with a curious mind to achieve great heights in their own lives. We have spread out and will soon become a tree with strong roots to deliver quality education to the students. One of our dream projects is to set up STEM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) at GD GPS Darbhanga. We want to see young innovators tinker and make a difference in the world.


Ms. Roshni D’Souza

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