A Message from Principal's Desk

R. D. Sharma


GD Goenka Public School Darbhanga 

A Message from Honourable Principal, GD Goenka Public School Darbhanga 

Dear Parents,

I take this opportunity to welcome all of you to our GD Goenka Public School Darbhanga, Bihar. As we all know, the word ‘education’ comes from the two different Latin roots of English word they are ‘educare,’ which means ‘to train or to mold’, and ‘educere,’ meaning ‘to lead out’. While the two meanings 

are quite different, they are both represented in the word ‘education.’- Craft (1984). Thus ‘education’ means to bring about what is already in. The purpose of school education is to guide the children to discover themselves by identifying and nurturing their potential to a full extent. A teacher is a person who builds the future of a student by planting the seeds of knowledge. There is an old Chinese saying, “Give a seed to a potter and you shall have a bonsai.” A parent or teacher must act as gardeners and not as potters.

It is important that education system should be based on application and intelligence instead of trying to test memory or knowledge.   Education in the current trends is based on the following facts:


Education is a man making science.  It empowers an individual to succeed in the future.  Success may be calculated in terms of monetary and respect at work.  It is the duty of the educationists to support the real facts of life by connecting classroom teaching with real-life experiences.  We at GD Goenka Public School Darbhanga include personality development lessons, moral and ethical teaching.  Thus, making our children think and act beyond the religion, region and language. In other words, our children would grow up to be sensible, sensitive and responsible global citizens.

At GDGPS, we make students to preserve and pass down knowledge which shapes youths in the image of their parents. On the other side, we prepare them for a new generation; for the changes that are to come—readying them to create solutions to problems yet unknown. Apart from rote memorization and becoming good workers, Students at GDGPS would develop the other skills such as questioning, thinking, and creating.

Thank you for your interest in GD Goenka Public School Darbhanga.  We eagerly look forward to meeting you soon.

                    Warm Regards, 

`                         R. D. Sharma


                   GD Goenka Public School Darbhanga