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Message From The Manager

Knowledge gives discipline, from discipline comes worthiness, from worthiness one gets wealth, from wealth (one does) good deeds, from that (comes) joy.

G.D. Goenka School, Darbhanga promote an education that brings the joy in everyone’s life. The school creates an environment for our pupil’s academic, social, moral and cultural development. We provide ample of opportunities for our students to be happy, enthusiastic and reflective learners. School is committed to produce responsible, rights-respecting, caring and compassionate citizens who can make a positive contribution to our school and wider community.

At the core of school ethos, lies the vision of the confident, co-operative, creative and capable student. The school is looking forward to building a strong and everlasting partnership with all prospective parents, students and community to shape our future society.

We, the School Society and School Management are thankful to you for entrusting the education of your wards to us. We assure you that we will make all possible efforts to come up to your expectations and provide global education to the students.

R.B sah


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